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Commit ec157f5b authored by MOMMESSIN Clement's avatar MOMMESSIN Clement
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Correctly count jobs submitted by scheduler

That was causing a return value of 1 in some cases
parent a411a344
......@@ -249,7 +249,11 @@ class Batsim(object):
self.jobs[id] = Job.from_json_dict(job_dict)
self.jobs[id].job_state = Job.State.IN_SUBMISSON
self.nb_jobs_in_submission = self.nb_jobs_in_submission + 1
if self.ack_of_dynamic_jobs:
self.nb_jobs_in_submission += 1
self.nb_jobs_submitted += 1
self.nb_jobs_submitted_from_scheduler += 1
return self.jobs[id]
def set_resource_state(self, resources, state):
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