Verified Commit d5eeaaa6 authored by Raphaël Bleuse's avatar Raphaël Bleuse
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Fix test platform by kebab-casing option names

SimGrid option names have moved to kebab-case since d2870500, published
in SimGrid 3.13.
Aliases for the old option names were removed by 772b8468, published in
SimGrid 3.26.
parent aa52c253
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
<config id="General">
<!-- Reduce the size of the stack_size. On huge machine, if the stack is too big (8Mb by default), Simgrid fails to initiate.
<prop id="contexts/stack_size" value="16"></prop>
<prop id="contexts/guard_size" value="0"></prop>
<prop id="contexts/stack-size" value="16"></prop>
<prop id="contexts/guard-size" value="0"></prop>
<zone id="AS0" routing="Full">
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