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Implement detection of ambiguous schedulers

The names of entry points is not guaranteed to be unique across all
packages: schedulers defined in different packages may use the same
entry point name.
If a user requests to run a scheduler (identified by the name of its
entry point) that is bound to multiple classes, the execution is aborted
as there is no way to univocally choose a scheduler.
Note that the execution continues as long as the user requests to run a
scheduler bound to a single class, even if some other ambiguous
schedulers exist.
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......@@ -8,9 +8,11 @@
import argparse
import io
import json
import sys
from pybatsim import __version__
from pybatsim.plugin import SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT, find_plugin_schedulers
from pybatsim.plugin import (SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT, find_ambiguous_scheduler_names,
from import launch_scheduler as legacy_launch_scheduler
......@@ -101,10 +103,24 @@ def _build_parser():
return parser
def _abort_on_ambiguous_scheduler_name(name):
ambiguous_names = find_ambiguous_scheduler_names()
if name in ambiguous_names:
f'Error in definition of \'{SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT}\' entry point,',
'check your packaging!',
f'\'{name}\' is defined more than once, and binds to:',
', '.join(ambiguous_names[name]),
def main(args=None):
parser = _build_parser()
arguments = parser.parse_args(args)
# instantiate scheduler
scheduler = get_scheduler_by_name(arguments.scheduler, options=arguments.scheduler_options)
# launch simulation
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
PyBatsim plugin interface.
import collections
import sys
# selectable entry points were introduced in Python 3.10
......@@ -20,3 +21,21 @@ SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT = 'pybatsim.schedulers'
def find_plugin_schedulers():
for scheduler in entry_points(group=SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT):
yield, scheduler.load()
def find_ambiguous_scheduler_names():
Return the dict of names bound to multiple schedulers.
For each ambiguous name, the dict maps the name to the set of entry points
known_scheduler_names = collections.defaultdict(set)
for scheduler in entry_points(group=SCHEDULER_ENTRY_POINT):
ambiguous_scheduler_names = {
name: values
for (name, values) in known_scheduler_names.items()
if len(values) > 1
return ambiguous_scheduler_names
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