Commit afb04cee authored by MERCIER Michael's avatar MERCIER Michael
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[code] do not override metadata on resubmit

parent b0aae50f
......@@ -353,13 +353,16 @@ class Batsim(object):
full id in "parent_job" and the number of resubmissions in "nb_resubmit".
if job.metadata is None or not "nb_resubmit" in job.metadata:
if job.metadata is None:
metadata = {"parent_job":, "nb_resubmit": 1}
metadata = deepcopy(job.metadata)
if "nb_resubmit" not in metadata:
metadata["nb_resubmit"] = 1
metadata["nb_resubmit"] = metadata["nb_resubmit"] + 1
if "parent_job" not in metadata:
metadata["parent_job"] =
metadata["nb_resubmit"] = metadata["nb_resubmit"] + 1
# Keep the current workload and add a resubmit number
splitted_id =
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