Commit 9f43d93a authored by MOMMESSIN Clement's avatar MOMMESSIN Clement
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Retrieve value of forward-unknown-event

parent 798ebc98
......@@ -413,6 +413,7 @@ class Batsim(object):
self.profiles_forwarded_on_submission = self.batconf["profiles-forwarded-on-submission"]
self.dynamic_job_registration_enabled = self.batconf["dynamic-jobs-enabled"]
self.ack_of_dynamic_jobs = self.batconf["dynamic-jobs-acknowledged"]
self.forward_unknown_events = self.batconf["forward-unknown-events"]
if self.dynamic_job_registration_enabled:
self.logger.warning("Dynamic registration of jobs is ENABLED. The scheduler must send a NOTIFY event of type 'registration_finished' to let Batsim end the simulation.")
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