Une nouvelle version du portail de gestion des comptes externes sera mise en production lundi 09 août. Elle permettra d'allonger la validité d'un compte externe jusqu'à 3 ans. Pour plus de détails sur cette version consulter : https://doc-si.inria.fr/x/FCeS

Commit 7624c433 authored by MOMMESSIN Clement's avatar MOMMESSIN Clement
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parent 018f06b6
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Additions
- `storage_mapping` of a job is not attached to an `EXECUTE_JOB` event.
- `register_job` function now returns the created Job object.
- Added the `StorageController` permitting to easily manage `storage` resources and manipulate data between them with `data_staging` jobs.
To be used, the StorageController object must be instanciated by the scheduler after the `SIMULATION_BEGINS` event.
......@@ -298,8 +298,8 @@ class StorageController:
'type' : 'data_staging',
'nb_bytes' : dataset.get_size(),
'from' : source.get_name(),
'to' : dest.get_name()
'from' : "source",
'to' : "dest"
self.bs.register_profiles("dyn-storage-controller", move_profile)
......@@ -315,14 +315,14 @@ class StorageController:
# Execute the Job
new_job.allocation = ProcSet(source_id, dest_id)
new_job.storage_mapping = {
source.get_name() : source_id,
dest.get_name() : dest_id
"source" : source_id,
"dest" : dest_id
self.current_transfers[job_id] = DataTransfer(source_id, dest_id, dataset.get_id())
self.logger.info(f"[ {self.bs.time()} ] Storage Controller staging job for dataset {dataset.get_id()} from {source_id} to {dest_id} started")
self.logger.info(f"[ {self.bs.time()} ] Storage Controller staging job for dataset {dataset.get_id()} "
f"from {source_id} to {dest_id} started")
def ask_data_transfer(self, dataset_id, source_id, dest_id):
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