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Craft a minimal package for a scheduler plugin

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requires = ["poetry-core>=1.0.0"]
build-backend = "poetry.core.masonry.api"
name = "pybatsim-example"
version = "0.0.0"
description = "Example scheduler plugin for PyBatsim"
authors = []
packages = [
{include = "*.py"},
python = "^3.7.1"
pybatsim = {path = "../pybatsim-core", develop = true}
rejector = "universal_rejection:UniversalRejectionScheduler"
Trivial example scheduler that rejects any job.
No hard feelings!
from pybatsim.batsim.batsim import BatsimScheduler
class UniversalRejectionScheduler(BatsimScheduler):
def onJobSubmission(self, job):[job]) # nope!
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