Commit 2dac73f8 authored by MOMMESSIN Clement's avatar MOMMESSIN Clement
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Put a guard during the load of datasets

parent 7624c433
......@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@ class Storage:
# Each element of the list should be a dict of the form:
# {"id" : "the_dataset_id", "size" : the_dataset_size_in_bytes}
for elt in dataset_list:
self.add_dataset(Dataset(elt["id"], elt["size"]), timestamp)
if not (self.add_dataset(Dataset(elt["id"], elt["size"]), timestamp)):
# There is not enough space in the Storage
assert False, f"Not enough storage capacity for {} ({}), could not load the entire list of datasets"
def get_id(self):
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