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# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog][changelog].
# Deprecated
Batsim changelog has moved.
Batsim adheres to [Semantic Versioning][semver] from version 1.0.0.
Batsim's public API includes:
- The Batsim's command-line interface.
- The Batsim input files format.
- The communication protocol with the decision-making component.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [Unreleased]
### Changed (**breaks protocol**)
- ``SUBMIT_PROFILE`` has been renamed ``REGISTER_PROFILE``.
Trying to register an already existing profile will now fail.
- ``SUBMIT_JOB`` has been renamed ``REGISTER_JOB``.
Trying to register an already existing job will now fail.
The possibility to register profiles from within a ``REGISTER_JOB`` event has
been discarded: Now use ``REGISTER_PROFILE`` then ``REGISTER_JOB``.
- The content of the ``config`` object of the ``SIMULATION_BEGINS`` event has
been changed. It is now flattened and contains the following keys:
``redis-enabled``, ``redis-hostname``, ``redis-port``, ``redis-prefix``,
``profiles-forwarded-on-submission``, ``dynamic-jobs-enabled`` and
### Changed (**breaks command-line interface**)
- Removal of the ``--config-file`` option.
Now specify your desired features by the Batsim CLI options.
- Removal of the ``--enable-sg-process-tracing`` option.
You can now use ``--sg-cfg`` to do the same.
- ``--batexec`` has been renamed ``--no-sched``.
- ``--allow-time-sharing`` has been split into two options
``--enable-compute-sharing`` and
``--disable-storage-sharing``, as resource roles have been introduced.
### Changed (**breaks workload format**)
- Profile types of parallel jobs has been renamed:
- ``msg_par`` into ``parallel``
- ``msg_par_hg`` into ``parallel_homogeneous``
- ``msg_par_hg_tot`` into ``parallel_homogeneous_total``
- ``msg_par_hg_pfs`` into ``parallel_homogeneous_pfs``
### Added (new command-line options)
- New ``--sg-cfg`` option, that allows to set SimGrid configuration options.
- New ``--sg-log`` option, that allows to set SimGrid logging options.
- New ``--dump-execution-context`` option, that dumps the command execution
context on the standard output. This allows external tools to understand
the execution context of a batsim command without actually parsing it.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [2.0.0] - 2018-02-20
### Changed (**breaks protocol**)
- The ``QUERY_REQUEST`` and ``QUERY_REPLY`` messages have been respectively
renamed ``QUERY`` and ``ANSWER``. This pair of messages is now bidirectional
(Batsim can now ask information to the scheduler).
Redis interactions with this pair of messages is no longer in the protocol
(as it has never been implemented).
- When submitting dynamic jobs (``SUBMIT_JOB``), the ``job_id`` and ``id``
fields should now have the same value.
Furthermore, jobs id are no longer integers but strings:
``my_wload!hello readers`` is now a valid job identifier.
- Removal of the ``job_status`` field from ``JOB_COMPLETED`` messages.
- ``JOB_COMPLETED`` messages should now be sent even for killed jobs.
In this case, ``JOB_COMPLETED`` should be sent before ``JOB_KILLED``.
### Added
- Added the ``--simgrid-version`` command-line option to show which SimGrid
is used by Batsim.
- Added the ``--unittest`` command-line option to run unit tests.
Executed by Batsim's continuous integration system.
- New ``SET_JOB_METADATA`` protocol message, which allows to set
set metadata to jobs.
Such metadata is written in the ``_jobs.csv`` output file.
- The ``_schedule.csv`` output file now contains a batsim_version field.
- The ``energy_query`` test checks that ``QUERY``/``ANSWER`` work as expected
for the ``consumed_energy`` request.
- Added the ``estimate_waiting_time`` QUERY from Batsim to the scheduler.
- The ``SIMULATION_BEGINS`` message now contains information about workloads:
a map from workload identifiers to their filenames.
- Added the ``job_alloc`` field to ``JOB_COMPLETED`` messages, which mentions
which machines have been allocated to the finished job.
### Changed
- The ``_jobs.csv`` output file is now written more cleanly.
The order of the columns within it may have changed.
Removal of the deprecated ``hacky_job_id`` field.
### Fixed
- Numeric sort should now work as expected (this is now tested).
- Power stace tracing now works when the number of machines is big.
- Output buffers now work even if incoming texts are bigger than the buffer.
- The ``QUERY_REQUEST``/``QUERY_REPLY`` messages were not respecting the
protocol definition (probably never tested since the JSON protocol update).
- Dynamically submitted jobs could not be used right away after being submitted
(by the following events, or at least the events of the same timestamp).
This should now be possible.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [1.4.0] - 2017-10-07
### Added
- New ``SUBMIT_PROFILE`` protocol message that allows the decision process
to submit profiles dynamically.
- New ``msg_par_hg_tot`` profile type.
This is an homogeneous parallel task whose computation and communications
amounts are spread over all allocated nodes.
They can be seen as optimistic moldable tasks.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [1.3.0] - 2017-09-30
### Added
- Jobs walltimes are no longer mandatory.
The ``walltime`` field of jobs can now be omitted or set to -1.
Such jobs will never be killed automatically by Batsim.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [1.2.0] - 2017-09-23
### Added
- The job progress is now sent through the protocol when jobs are killed on
This is done via a new ``job_progress`` map in ``JOB_KILLED``
messages, which gives this information for all the jobs that have really been
(separated from ``COMPLETED_FAILED``).
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [1.1.0] - 2017-09-09
### Added
- New job profiles ``SCHEDULER_SEND`` and ``SCHEDULER_RECV`` that communicate
with the scheduler.
New ``send`` and ``recv`` protocol messages that correspond to them.
- Jobs now have a return code.
Can be specified in the ``ret`` field of the jobs in their JSON description.
Default value is 0 (success).
- New job state: ``COMPLETED_FAILED``.
- New data in existing protocol messages:
- ``return_code`` indicates whether the job has succeeded
- The ``FAILED`` status can now be received.
### Changed
- The ``repeat`` value of sequence (composed) profiles is now optional.
Default value is 1 (executed once, no repeat).
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [1.0.0] - 2017-09-09
### SimGrid version to use:
- Commit ``587483ebe`` on ````.
Please notice that energy consumption of parallel tasks does not work
as expected.
### Added
- Stated LGPL-3.0 license.
- Code cosmetics standards are now checked by Codacy.
- New PFS host. Associated with a new ``hpst-host`` command-line option.
- New protocol messages:
- The ``CHANGE_JOB_STATE`` allows the scheduler to change the state of jobs
in Batsim in-memory data structures.
- The ``submission_finished`` notification can be cancelled with a
``continue_submission`` notification.
- New data in existing protocol messages:
- ``allow_time_sharing`` boolean is now forwarded.
- ``resources_data`` gives information on the resources.
- ``hpst_host`` and ``lcst_host give information about the
parallel file system.
- ``job_state`` contains the job state (as stored by Batsim).
- ``kill_reason`` contains why the job has been killed (if relevant).
- New tests:
- ``demo`` corresponds to the documented demonstration.
- ``energy_minimal`` and ``energy_small`` test the energy plugin in detail.
- ``kill_multiple`` checks that Batsim can handle multiple kills concerning
the same jobs.
- ``fewer_resources`` checks that complex job mapping work
- ``reject`` tests whether rejection works
### Modified
- Improved and renamed parallel file system profiles.
- Improved code documentation.
- Improved the python scripts of the tools/ directory.
- Improved the python scripts of the test/ directory.
### Fixed
- Complex allocation mapping were not handled correctly
[//]: ==========================================================================
## 0.99 - 2017-05-26
### Changed
- The protocol is based on ZeroMQ instead of Unix Domain Sockets.
- The protocol messages are now JSON-formatted
[//]: ==========================================================================
It can now be found [there](
as part of the [batsim readthedocs](
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