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[doc] contributing: how to release versions

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# Table of contents
- [Overview](#overview)
- [How to contribute?](#how-to-contribute)
- [Hacking Batsim](#hacking-batsim)
- [How to release a new version?](#how-to-release-a-new-version)
# Overview
Batsim uses different git repositories.
The main repositories and their role are listed below:
......@@ -208,3 +214,14 @@ it should be done as follows:
``std::string ip_message_type_to_string(IPMessageType type);`` function.
- make sure the new message type is destroyed correctly in the ``IPMessage``
# How to release a new version?
1. Determine what version should be released,
following [semantic versioning]( rules.
Major version should be changed whenever an incompatible change occurs on the CLI or the protocol.
2. Update the [changelog](doc/
Try to mention all modifications since last release: ``git diff``
3. Bump version in [CMakeLists.txt](./CMakeLists.txt)
4. Tag new version (with annotations): ``git tag -a vX.Y.Z``
Put the changelog of the new release in the long description.
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