Commit cbbaba77 authored by MERCIER Michael's avatar MERCIER Michael

[code] Add uncategorized tracing on batsim

to be able to get nice usage graph like the ones from:
parent dcbca075
......@@ -610,9 +610,11 @@ void initialize_msg(const MainArguments & main_args, int argc, char * argv[])
string sg_trace_filename = main_args.export_prefix + "_sg_processes.trace";
MSG_config("tracing", "1");
MSG_config("tracing/msg/process", "1");
MSG_config("tracing", "yes");
MSG_config("tracing/msg/process", "yes");
MSG_config("tracing/uncategorized", "yes");
MSG_config("tracing/filename", sg_trace_filename.c_str());
MSG_config("smpi/privatization", "yes");
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