Commit c9761434 authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet
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tuto: update first-simulation w.r.t. batsim-4.1.0

parent 3e7a7e5e
......@@ -4,17 +4,17 @@ let
let my-packages = rec {
# define your own batsim version from batsim-4.0.0
# define your own batsim version from batsim-4.1.0
# (you can select another base, such as batsim-310 for batsim-3.1.0)
my-batsim = kapack.batsim-400.overrideAttrs(old: rec {
my-batsim = kapack.batsim-410.overrideAttrs(old: rec {
# define where to the source code of your own batsim version.
# here, use a given commit on the official batsim git repository on framagit,
# but you can of course use your own commit/fork instead.
version = "c79d95851cd8f80089b7218a2cf85f4b26ebde5f";
version = "3e7a7e5ecf1b749c306c532f828219e5a3d70862";
src = kapack.pkgs.fetchgit rec {
url = "";
rev = version;
sha256 = "0lr3vawdbmajisgvbj5cjqw0wfy9y990yhl20kplarambx40nplp";
sha256 = "1f3xij13i4wgd667n0sqdkkzn5b11fz4bmxv9s0yivdniwn6md76";
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