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**** Generate SimGrid processes' trace (can be useful to visualize what happens)
./batsim [batsim_options...] PLATFORM WORKLOAD -- --cfg=tracing:1 --cfg=tracing/msg/process:1
** Dependencies
- simgrid (revision 2b7c35f960b4 on git://
- Jansson: a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data.
: apt-get install libjansson4
: apt-get install libjansson-dev
** First step: prepare Makefile
: mkdir build
: cd build
: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -G "Unix Makefiles" ../
** Second step
: make
* Usages
** Common part for all cases:
In a terminal:
: cd build
: ./batsim ../platforms/small_platform.xml ../workload_profiles/test_workload_profile.json
** With fake scheduler
In a second terminal:
: python workload_profiles/test_workload_profile.json
** With oar core scheduler
In a second terminal:
- First install the required oar-3 libraries.
: git clone
: git clone
: cd oar-lib
: sudo python install
: cd oar-kao
: sudo python install
- Second use ** which is the adaptor for OAR3 to interact with BatSim.
: cd oar_kao
: ./ ../../batsim/workload_profiles/test_workload_profile.json
Refer to [[][oar-kao]] site or -h for more to information.
* Display information control
Batsim has its own set of options but it can also handle standard SimGrid ones.
The end-of-options delimiter "--" must then be used to use SimGrid options.
** Quiet run
: ./batsim [batsim_options...] -- PLATFORM WORKLOAD --log=batsim.thresh:critical --log=network.thresh:critical
** Display network information only
: ./batsim [batsim_options...] -- PLATFORM WORKLOAD --log=batsim.thresh:critical
** Display SimGrid options help
: ./batsim -- PLATFORM WORKLOAD --help
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