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doc: improve v4.1.0 changelog

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......@@ -26,11 +26,18 @@ v4.1.0
- `Commits since v4.0.0 <>`_
- ``nix-env -f -iA batsim-4.1.0``
- Recommended SimGrid release: 3.29.0 (see `SimGrid's framagit releases <>`_)
- Updated Batsim code / example platforms / platform generators so that they work with SimGrid-3.29.0.
- SimGrid < 3.27.0 had an `interaction issue with parallel tasks and multicore hosts <>`_.
As this release is compatible with SimGrid-3.29.0, Batsim users can now use this interaction more safely,
even if `an interaction issue with pstate changes, parallel tasks and multicore hosts <>`_ still exists as of SimGrid-3.29.0.
- Improved readibility of Batsim assertion error messages.
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