Commit 27dd1df7 authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet

[env] update Dockerfile (batsim_ci)

parent 588e6e5a
# Base image with Nix installed:
FROM lnl7/nix:1.11.16
FROM lnl7/nix:2018-04-17
# Survival kit
RUN nix-env -i git gnutar gzip
# Retrieve datamove nix packages
RUN git clone /datamovepkgs
# Clone batsim repo
RUN git clone /batsim
# Pre install all test dependencies
RUN nix-shell /batsim/shell.nix \
--command "echo Preinstalling dependencies done"
# Pre build all test dependencies
RUN nix-build /datamovepkgs -A batsim_dev \
--command "echo Dependencies pre-building done"
# CI dependencies
RUN nix-env -i ssh-ident rsync
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