Authored by PERE Alexandre

Localhost profile

This profile allows you to run experiments on your own computer through runaway. This allows to easily check for bugs.


  1. If you don't have it, install openssh-server with something like: sudo apt install openssh-server
  2. Start the ssh daemon instance with something like: systemctl start sshd Beware, the sshd is not started on boot. This means that if you reboot, you'll have to start it again.
  3. Runaway uses public keys to connect to hosts. So you have to push one of your key to localhost: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ localhost Replace with the public key you want to use to authenticate.
  4. In your .orchestra/config add the following configuration:
    Host localhost
        HostName localhost
        User yourusername
        Port 22
    with yourusername set to, well, your user name :) .
  5. Now in the current yaml file, in the node_proxy_command change yourusername to your actual user name (both for username and home).
  6. Change the executions_per_nodes to your number of cpu cores.
  7. Check the before_executions and after_executions sections to customize to your needs, e.g. setup your python environment, link some libraries, whatever...

Enjoy !

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