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Issue tag v18.27.

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Tags: past the very first one, the convention is to name a tag after the year and week it was put. For instance, 13.46
means week 46 of year 2013. Should a second tag be given the same week, an index is added: 13.46.2.
# v18.27
## Build
- Bug #1297: CMake: shared libraries were not correctly installed on Linux.
- Support #1293: Adapt the configuration to conform to new way of installing third party libraries.
## Documentation
- Documentation #1300: Add a script which iterate through all Markdown files and run the markdown-toc program to properly set the table of contents. This assumes that the markdown file gets a tag where to put this table (if not the file is left unmodified) and that you get [markdown-toc]( program installed on your computer.
- Documentation #1298: Document the continuous integration settings (including what was installed exactly on each VM).
## Core
- Bug #1296: In LuaOptionFile constructor, make sure state is properly closed if an exception is thrown in constructor.
## Operators
- Support #1299: Remove misplaced asserts about I3.
## Utilities
- Bug #1294: Fix a memory leak found out by sanitizer in Singleton.
## Post-processing
- Feature #1290: Introduce a Python script which enables selecting only some of the time iterations written out by a model. If run, a new file is produced in themodel output, and this file is used preferentially by MoReFEM post-processing class.
## Miscellaneous
- Feature #1263: Allow boundary conditions for dimension N-2: confirmed by Reo and therefore can be closed.
# v18.21:
## Build / continuous integration
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