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Commit 40fd3239 authored by Davide Pala's avatar Davide Pala

Removed unused variables

parent 4f282c94
......@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ void decode(struct FtoDC ftoDC, struct DCtoEx& dctoEx, ac_int<32, true> register
ac_int<7, false> opCode = instruction.slc<7>(0); // could be reduced to 5 bits because 1:0 is always 11
// Construction of different immediate values
ac_int<12, false> imm12_I = instruction.slc<12>(20);
ac_int<12, false> imm12_S = 0;
imm12_S.set_slc(5, instruction.slc<7>(25));
imm12_S.set_slc(0, instruction.slc<5>(7));
......@@ -391,9 +390,6 @@ void execute(struct DCtoEx dctoEx, struct ExtoMem& extoMem)
void memory(struct ExtoMem extoMem, struct MemtoWB& memtoWB)
ac_int<2, false> datasize = extoMem.funct3.slc<2>(0);
bool signenable = !extoMem.funct3.slc<1>(2);
memtoWB.we = extoMem.we;
memtoWB.useRd = extoMem.useRd;
memtoWB.result = extoMem.result;
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