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......@@ -6,8 +6,12 @@ from string import ascii_lowercase, ascii_uppercase
HEX = re.compile('^#(?:[0-9a-fA-F]{3}){1,2}$')
BORDER = re.compile('^\d+x\d+$')
DEFAULT_COLOR_LIST = ['backbone', 'background', 'baseInner', 'baseName', 'baseNum',
'baseOutline', 'bp', 'gapsColor', 'nsBasesColor']
OPTIONS = ['autoHelices', 'autoInteriorLoops', 'autoTerminalLoops', 'drawBackbone', 'drawBases', 'drawNC', 'drawTertiary', 'fillBases', 'flat']
NUMERIC_OPTIONS = ['bpIncrement', 'periodNum', 'resolution', 'rotation', 'spaceBetweenBases', 'zoom']
("(", ")"),
......@@ -67,10 +71,10 @@ class VARNA:
self.dbn = None
self.aux_BPs = []
self.highlight_regions = []
self.algorithm = 'naview'
self.params = {'algorithm': "naview"}
self.default_color = {}
self.options = {}
self.title = None
self.zoom = None
if structure is not None:
if isinstance(structure, list):
......@@ -108,7 +112,7 @@ class VARNA:
color = assert_hex_color(color)
assert_is_number('thickness', thickness)
self.aux_BPs.append((i, j, color, thickness, edge5, edge3, stericity))
self.aux_BPs.append((i+1, j+1, color, thickness, edge5, edge3, stericity))
def add_highlight_region(self, i, j, fill="#9999FF", radius=15.0, outline="#3333FF"):
assert_valid_interval(self.length, i, j)
......@@ -116,27 +120,45 @@ class VARNA:
outline = assert_hex_color(outline)
assert_is_number('radius', radius)
self.highlight_regions.append((i, j, radius, fill, outline))
self.highlight_regions.append((i+1, j+1, radius, fill, outline))
def set_algorithm(self, algo):
if algo not in ['line', 'circular', 'radiate', 'naview']:
raise Exception("Sould be one of line, circular, radiate or naview")
self.algorithm = algo
self.params['algorithm'] = algo
def set_title(self, title, color='#808080', size=10):
self.title = (title, color, size)
def set_zoom_level(level):
self.zoom = level
self.param['zoom'] = level
def set_default_color(self, **kwargs):
for key, value in kwargs.items():
if not key in DEFAULT_COLOR_LIST:
if key not in DEFAULT_COLOR_LIST:
raise Exception("{} is not a valid keyword".format(key))
self.default_color = kwargs
def toggle_options(self, **kwargs):
for key, value in kwargs.items():
if key not in OPTIONS:
raise Exception("{} is not a valid keyword".format(key))
if not isinstance(value, bool):
raise Exception(key + "should be a boolean")
self.options = kwargs
def set_numeric_params(self, **kwargs):
for key, value in kwargs.items():
if key not in NUMERIC_OPTIONS:
raise Exception("{} is not a valid keyword".format(key))
if key == "periodNum":
self.params['periodNum'] = int(value)
self.params[key] = float(value)
def format_structure(self):
def greedy_fill(c1, c2, res, ss, i, j):
if i <= j:
......@@ -162,16 +184,42 @@ class VARNA:
return "".join(res)
def set_border(self, border):
match =
if not match:
raise Exception("border should be the format nxm where n and m are numbers")
self.params['border'] = "\"{}\"".format(border)
def set_bp_style(self, style):
if style not in ['none', 'line', 'rnaviz', 'lw']:
raise Exception('Should be one of none, line, rnaviz or lw')
self.params['bpStyle'] = style
def set_bp_increment(self, value):
assert_is_number('value', value)
self.params['bpIncrement'] = float(value)
def _gen_command(self):
cmd = "java -cp {} fr.orsay.lri.varna.applications.VARNAcmd".format(VARNA_PATH)
cmd += " -sequenceDBN \"{}\" -structureDBN \"{}\" -o {}".format(self.sequence, self.format_structure(), self.output)
cmd += " -algorithm {}".format(self.algorithm)
# Command for defualt colors
for key, color in self.default_color.items():
if color is not None:
cmd += " -{} {}".format(key, color)
# Options
for key, value in self.options.items():
if value is not None:
cmd += " -{} {}".format(key, value)
# Params
for key, value in self.params.items():
cmd += " -{} {}".format(key, value)
# Title
if self.title is not None:
cmd += " -title {} -titleColor {} -titleSize {}".format(*self.title)
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