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::: varnaapi.VARNA
We offer two python classes [VARNA](#varnaapi.VARNA) and [Comparison](#varnaapi.Comparison) corresponding to the classic mode and the comparison mode in VARNA.
::: varnaapi
members: ["VARNA"]
::: varnaapi
members: ["Comparison"]
::: varnaapi
filters: ["!^VARNA", "!^_", "__init__", "!Annotation"]
filters: ["!^VARNA", "!^_", "__init__", "!Annotation", "!Comparison"]
......@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ def _parse_vienna(ss):
class VARNA:
def __init__(self, seq:str=None, structure=None):
"""Constructor from given RNA sequence or/and secondary structure.
"""Classis VARNA drawing mode. Constructor from given RNA sequence or/and secondary structure.
If sequence and structure have different size, the larger one is used
and ` `s or `.`s will be added to sequence or structure to complement.
......@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ class VARNA:
class Comparison(VARNA):
def __init__(self, seq1, structure1, seq2, structure2):
"""Drawing of two aligned RNAs.
Unlike classic [VARNA][varnaapi.VARNA.\_\_init\_\_] mode,
Unlike classic [VARNA][varnaapi.VARNA] mode,
both sequences and structures __MUST__ be specified and have the same size.
Additionally, the merged secondary structures must currently be without any crossing
interactions (e.g. pseudoknots), and merging them should give a secondary structure.
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