Commit 7c4c8fdf authored by Laurent Belcour's avatar Laurent Belcour

The unitary test of the blinn lobe is added to the repository

parent 68d0713a
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ def blinn(cost, sigma):
for i in range(0,99):
theta = i * 0.01
val = blinn(theta, 10);
val = 2.1 * blinn(theta, 3.14);
f.write(str(theta) + "\t" + str(val) + "\n");
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- This script file is part of the ALTA library. It is provided to
perform unit testing of the library nonlinear fitting methods
and functions.
This test script requires to be launched using the xml_cmd python
script provided in the $ALTA/sources/scripts directory. It also
requires to be launched in the $ALTA/sources directory and it
requires to have the data file to be created
using the python script $ALTA/sources/tests/
This script should provide a fit of a Blinn lobe
kd = 0
ks = 2.1
a = 3.14
<parameter name="lib-dir" value="./build" />
<!-- Fit the data to a Blinn BRDF model -->
<action name="data2brdf">
<!-- Input and output arguments of the action -->
<input name="" />
<output name="unitary-blinn.brdf" />
<!-- Define the function to use -->
<function name="nonlinear_function_diffuse" />
<function name="nonlinear_function_blinn" />
<!-- Define the ftting procedure to use -->
<plugin type="fitter" name="nonlinear_fitter_nlopt" />
<action name="brdf2gnuplot">
<!-- Input and output arguments of the action -->
<input name="unitary-blinn.brdf" />
<output name="unitary-blinn-export.dat" />
<!-- Parameters -->
<parameter name="data" value="" />
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