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\page format Format
_Warning: this document is currently not up to date and should not be followed._
Common notations
Data and function files have the same format. They are text file very close to dump.
Each file starts with a header containing information about the input and output space described. Every header line starts by a '#' symbol. The following information are described:
- Whether the file describe a function or a data,
- Command line used to generate the file (optional),
- Input and output domain dimensions,
- Input domain parametrization,
- And output domain parametrization.
Here is an exemple of a BRDF header:
#CMD --L2 0.0282467 --Linf 0.0935969 --fitter ./librational_fitter_parallel.dylib --input ../../data/1d/NIST/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat --output ../Kirb2.brdf
#DIM 1 1
Parametrization format
- `#PARAM_IN input_parametrization_name`
- `#PARAM_OUT output_parametrization_name`
Input Parametrization
ALTA can automaticaly convert samples (either data sample or BRDF evaluation)
into a different coordinate system.
[Here](classparams.html#af530b9dd3ed0c1117aef8dd3159e3080) is the list of all
input parametrizations.
Output Parametrization
In the current version of ALTA, we cannot handle different output
parametrizations (like LAB color space). Fitting will be performed
independantly of the data and function output space. They only need
to match in size.
INV_STERADIAN, // A BRDF which unit is sr^{-1}
INV_STERADIAN_COSINE_FACTOR, // A BRDF multiplied by the cosine factor, unit is still sr^{-1}
<h2>Input file format</h2>
For a text data file with <em>n</em> data entries where the input domain has <em>N</em> dimensions and a <em>input_param</em> parametrization and the output domain has <em>P</em> dimensions and a <em>output_param</em> parametrization, our file format is the following:
#PARAM_IN %input_param%
#PARAM_OUT %output_param%
#VS [0|1|2] (P times)
x_{1,1} ... x_{1,N} y_{1,1} ... y_{1,P}
x_{i,1} ... x_{i,N} y_{i,1} ... y_{i,P}
x_{n,1} ... x_{n,N} y_{n,1} ... y_{n,P}
Vertical segments are not defined if VS is 0. For a VS of 1, each
sample has a radius associated for the associated dimension. If VS is
2, each sample has a min and max segment value for the associated
\page func-format Function file format
ALTA library assumes that all functions are exported using the following convention:
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