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# ALTA: A BRDF Analysis Library
Linux [![Travis build Status](](, Windows [![AppVeyor build status](](
This is the repository for the ALTA library. ALTA is a set of cross-platform
command line executables and shared object plugins allowing to analyze, fit
and understand BRDF data and models.
ALTA targets: people working on BRDFs and willing to benchmark new BRDF models
and compare them with state-of-the-art BRDF models and data easily; people
working on optical measurements and wanting to experiment different fitting
procedures and models; or people wanting to perform statistical analysis on
your BRDF data.
## Repository Organization
+ data/: contains the data for which the fitting techniques are tested against. Files are separated by dimension of the input domain (e.g. 1d, 2d, 3d, ...).
+ configs/: contains platform dependent configuration files for SCons.
+ documents/: contains the documentation in doxygen format.
+ external/: contains any third party library that needs to be used by ALTA. Contains a modified QuadProg++ library using Eigen. You can download and compile automatically some third party libraries using provided python scripts obtain_[libname].py.
+sources/: contains all the source files.
## Building
ALTA uses [SCons](, a Python-based build system.
To build ALTA, run a command like the following from the top-level source
directory (noted ${ALTA} in the remainder of this document):
$ scons
If you want to use a specific configuration (i.e. change the default compiler,
specify where some libraries should be found) you can use a configuration file
using the `--cfg [file]` option:
$ scons --cfg=[]
Here, `` must be replaced with a suitable configuration file for
your platform. For instance, when building with GCC on GNU/Linux, you may run:
$ scons --cfg=configs/scons/
ALTA provide a Python interface for non command-line experts. However, this
interface is not built automatically. To build the Python interface, please
run the following command at the root of the repository:
$ scons python
You can as well use a platform specific configuration file using the `--cfg`
## Dependencies:
If not found on your system, our SCons script automatically download a recent version of the [Eigen]( library.
+ ALTA `core`: Eigen
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_eigen`: Eigen 3.x
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_quadprog`: Quadprog++
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_cgal`: The CGAL library
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_parallel`: The OpenMP library, Quadprog++ library and Eigen
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_matlab`: Matlab engine (matlab.prf required)
+ Plugin `rational_fitter_parsec_*`: PLASMA coreblas, PaRSEC runtime
+ Plugin `nonlinear_fitter_eigen`: Eigen
+ Plugin `nonlinear_fitter_ceres`: CERES library and its dependencies
+ Plugin `nonlinear_fitter_nlopt`: NLOpt library and its dependencies
+ Plugin `nonlinear_fitter_ipopt`: IpOpt library and its dependencies
## Use ALTA
Once ALTA is compiled with its plugins, you can access the executables and
library in ${ALTA}/sources/build. To access them directly from the shell, you
can source the `` script at the root:
$ source
This will expose the binary and plugins to the systeme and allow you to run
ALTA commands from anywhere.
For further use of ALTA, please refer to the documentation and tutorials.
## Generate the documentation using Doxygen
If you have doxygen installed on your system, you can build the documentation
(a static website) using the scons script:
$ scons doc
The static website is then available at:
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