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......@@ -6,7 +6,18 @@
<h2>Input file format</h2>
<h3> Parametrization format </h3>
New Tokens
<li> \verbatim #PARAM_IN input_parametrization_name \endverbatim </li>
<li> \verbatim #PARAM_OUT output_parametrization_name \endverbatim </li>
<h3>Input Parametrization</h3>
Param toujours de la forme NOMDUTYPE_PARAM1_PARAM2_..._PARAMN ou N est le nombre
de dimensions d'entree.
......@@ -21,9 +32,21 @@ enum{
ISOTROPIC_TV_TL_DPHI, // isotropic formulation with theta view, theta light and |dphi|
CARTESIAN, // 6D (directions: 3d + 3d)
INCIDENT_PLANT, // Cf. CEA definition
<h3> Output Parametrization </h3>
Romain's Proposition
ENERGY ( as specified by the International Unit System i.e., Joule)
<h2>Rational function file format (.rational)</h2>
We advise to output all rational function into .rational file for consistency.
......@@ -3,6 +3,13 @@
\todo Change the automatic compilation soft to Cmake of scons
\todo Load data file in binary format.
\todo Load data file in binary format.
\todo Specify filename extensions (.txt for text file and .bin for binary ? ) for alta input data file.
\todo Code/Develop brdf2alta: a simple command line tool that reads BRDF files and exports them in ALTA format.
Possible options are the file format, the parametrizations, the precision (double, float , long double),
specifications of the angles (in radiance or degrees)
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