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......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ and models</b>, or just perform <b>statistical analysis</b> on your data.
Here is a list of the major features in the ALTA library (you can find
the complete list in the \ref features page):
<li>Open common BRDF data formats (MERL, ASTM)</li>
<li>Non-linear fitting of BRDF (using third party packages)</li>
......@@ -59,6 +59,51 @@ This command line is rather long. To help you design complex command line in a m
<br />
<h3>XML scripts</h3>
Here is the script to perform the same fitting as the previous example. It
performs the fitting of the blue metallic paint from the MERL database using
a Beckmann lobe (note there is no shadowing term, nor Fresnel term):
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<parameter name="lib-dir" value="./build" />
<action name="data2brdf">
<!-- Input and output arguments of the action -->
<input name="../data/3d/merl/blue-metallic-paint.binary" />
<output name="./results/3d/merl/blue-mettalic-paint.brdf" />
<!-- Define the function to use -->
<function name="nonlinear_function_diffuse" />
<function name="nonlinear_function_beckmann">
<!-- Define the ftting procedure to use -->
<plugin type="fitter" name="nonlinear_fitter_ceres" />
<!-- Define the data loader to use -->
<plugin type="data" name="data_merl" />
<!-- Parameter -->
<parameter name="export" value="explorer" />
You can perform this action using the following command, assuming that the
xml script is in file <em>script.xml</em>:
$ ./scripts/ script.xml
You can put multiple <action> commands in the xml file. Those commands will
be executed in order.
<br />
<h2>Moment analysis using the command line</h2>
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