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......@@ -151,4 +151,34 @@ are outputed in: <em>$ALTA/sources/build</em> directory.
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<<<<<<< local
Using scons, the compilation of ALTA is straightforward:
$ cd $ALTA
$ scons -i
This compilation command automatically download the dependencies of ALTA
core and plugins. If you already have one of the dependencies installed on
your system, you can use a configuration file in the scons call:
$ scons --cfg config.file
An example of the configuration file is provided at <em>$ALTA/config.example
All the resulting elements of ALTA (binaries, dynamic and static libraries)
are outputted in: <em>$ALTA/sources/build</em> directory. The dependencies
(Eigen, ceres, ...) will be compiled in the <em>$ALTA/external/build</em>
<br />
>>>>>>> other
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