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[Doc][Update] Modifying the tools page to add more details on BRDF

Explorer export.
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\page tools Tools
The following tools can be used with ALTA
to visualize the quality of your fitting results as plots or as rendered images:
ALTA is compatible with many tools to either visualize results, perform rendering or plot data. We provde an interface for the following tools:
- [Disney BRDFExplorer] (
- Use <tt>brdf2brdf</tt> to generate compatible BRDFExplorer shaders
- Use <tt>brdf2data</tt> to generate MERL binary files that can be opened by BRDFExplorer
+ [Disney BRDFExplorer] ( - It is possible visualize BRDFs by exporting BRDFExplorer shaders and data files. There is two way to generate BRDF data readable by BRDF explorer from an ALTA function file (here `mybrdf.func`):
- [Gnuplot] (
- Use <tt>brdf2gnuplot</tt> to generate a file compatible with gnuplot
- Use \ref brdf2brdf to generate a BRDFExplorer compatible shader.
brdf2brdf --input mybrdf.func --output mybrdf.shader --export explorer
- Use \ref brdf2data to a generate a MERL binary file that can be opened by BRDFExplorer. Note that this method is restricted to isotropic functions.
- Mitsuba Plugin [GitHub page]( that permits to use ALTA BRDF inside Mitsuba
brdf2data --input mybrdf.func --output mybrdf.binary --data data_merl
+ [Gnuplot] (
- Use <tt>brdf2gnuplot</tt> to generate a file compatible with gnuplot
+ [Mitsuba]( - All renders on this webpage were done using a Mitsuba plugin that permits to use ALTA's BRDF models and data inside Mitsuba. Check the [GitHub page]( for more details.
<!-- TODO: Manao BRDF Explorer. Benjamin Python Scripts and Shell commands scripts ? -->
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