Commit c1187ae1 authored by Romain Pacanowski's avatar Romain Pacanowski
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 qp_cflags were ignored and not pass to the environment used to compile QuadProg


 The CCFLAGS from SCons environment is now passed to the environment used to compiled QuadProg
parent 598de8d5
......@@ -49,13 +49,14 @@ qp_dir = 'quadprog++'
qp_target = 'build' + os.sep + 'lib' + os.sep + qp_dir
qp_base = qp_dir + os.sep
qp_sources = [qp_base + '']
qp_ccflags = ''
# BY DEFAULT WE PROPAGATE THE Scons environment from the main SConscript file
qp_ccflags = env['CCFLAGS']
if env['CC'] != 'cl':
# We're not building a real static library, but rather what Libtool
# calls a "convenience library": an archive that contains PIC code.
# Thus, force '-fPIC'.
qp_ccflags = '-fPIC'
qp_ccflags += ' -fPIC'
env.StaticLibrary(target = qp_target, source = qp_sources,
CCFLAGS = qp_ccflags,
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