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......@@ -42,6 +42,4 @@ In this page, we link to the datasets you can read and manipulate with ALTA:
We prodive the original dataset as well as the densified dataset (using Matlab interpolation) that was used to perform fitting of the different retroreflection models. An example of fitting xml script can be found [here](retro-3M-yellow-abc.xml).
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\page documentation Documentation
<!-- This page lists all documentation related to the ALTA library. -->
#### APIs
ALTA provides two programming APIs. At the lowest level, it is possible to author new \ref plugins "plugins" and \ref commands "commands" using the C++ API. At the highest level, it is possible to build Python scripts by directly manipulating plugins in this language.
......@@ -35,6 +31,4 @@ Below are referenced all the different plugins and softwares provided with ALTA.
+ List of plugins to fit data (cf. \ref fitters)
+ List of BRDF Models (cf. \ref functions)
+ List of provided ALTA sofwares (cf. \ref commands)
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