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......@@ -17,6 +17,56 @@ be required to create your own system dependant .prf for any used library. For e
all the rational BRDF fitters use the Eigen library. Therefore it is mandatory that you
provide a eigen.prf file and that this file is in your QMAKEFEATURES directory.
Plugin rational_eigen: Eigen
Plugin rational_quadprog: Quadprog++
Plugin rational_quadproge: Quadprog++ and Eigen
Plugin rational_cgal: The CGAL library
Plugin rational_parallel: The OpenMP library, Quadprog++ library and Eigen
Plugin rational_matlab: Matlab engine (matlab.prf required)
Eigen Plugins
You must provide an eigen.prf file that contains
Quadprog++ Plugins
We provide our own version of quadprog++ which uses Eigen library.
To compile it:
Go to external/quadprog++/
Use qmake (to generale the Makefile)
Then create a quadprog.prf file that will include
LIBS *= PATH_TO_LIBQUADPROG/libquadprog++.a
Parallel Plugin that requires OpenMP
Create an openmp.prf file and add the following directives:
Matlab Plugin
Create an matlab.prf file and add the following directives:
The PATH_TO_MATLAB_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY must point to a directory that
contains the file engine.h
Generate the documentation using Doxygen
cd ${ALTA}/documents/
doxygen doxygen.conf
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