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Updating mistakes in the tutorials.

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......@@ -19,16 +19,13 @@ First, download the Kirby2 dataset in ALTA format: <a href="http://alta.gforge.i
$ ./build/data2brdf --input ../data/1d/NIST/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat --output Kirby.brdf --fitter ./build/
The result can be exported using the \a brdf2gnuplot or \a brdf2data
The result can be exported using the \a brdf2data commands.
$ ./build/data2gnuplot --input Kirby.brdf --output Kirby.dat --data ../data/1d/NIST/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat
$ ./build/data2gnuplot --input Kirby.brdf --output Kirby.dat --in-data ../data/1d/NIST/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat
The \a brdf2gnuplot allows you to export in a gnuplot compliant format
the evaluation of a function at the positions indicated in a data file
(here the original Kirby2 file).
The \a brdf2data allows you to export a function into a data file. If no data plugin is specified, the ALTA format is used which is gnuplot compliant. The position of evaluation for the function are taken from a specified data file (here the original Kirby2 file).
You should obtain gnuplot data files like the following image:
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
f = plugins_manager::get_function(args["input"]);
if(f == NULL)
std::cerr << "<<ERROR>> cannot open the function file" << std::endl;
return 1;
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