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Commit 790797f3 authored by Laurent Belcour's avatar Laurent Belcour
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Improving the ptr class to use C++ 2011 shared_ptr when it is possible instead...

Improving the ptr class to use C++ 2011 shared_ptr when it is possible instead of our poor implementation.
parent b17d8b86
......@@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ class function : public parametrized
public: // methods
//! \brief Destructor function needed when using shared_ptr
virtual ~function() {}
// Overload the function operator
......@@ -81,8 +86,6 @@ class function : public parametrized
//! hemisphere.
double Linf_distance(const data* d) const ;
protected: // data
/*! \brief Non-linear function interface
#pragma once
/*! \class ptr
* Define a shared pointer class for automatic memory cleaning
* when dealing with objects created by plugins. All plugins should
* provide a ptr<object> instead of a object* so that the user won't
* have to worry about allocation/deallocation.
* ALTA provide a weak implementation of the ptr class. If a C++11
* compatible is used, it will try to use the STL version of shared
* pointer.
/* Checking for the presence of C++11 features like smart pointers. There
* is no clean way to do it for all compilers. This method is supposed to
* work with CLANG and GCC > 4.3.
* See htpp://stackoverflow.com/questions/11886288/
#if __cplusplus >= 201103L
#include <memory>
template<class T> using ptr = std::shared_ptr<T>;
/* Define a counter class. This class should not be used by any other part of
* ALTA code.
......@@ -23,8 +50,6 @@ struct ptr_counter
unsigned int _count;
/*! \brief Define a shared pointer class.
template<class T> class ptr
......@@ -75,3 +100,4 @@ template<class T> class ptr
T* _ptr;
ptr_counter* _counter;
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