Commit 5f1722ba authored by Laurent Belcour's avatar Laurent Belcour

Adding a script file for windows

parent ca0c48e9
:: Example 1 - Fitting Rational BRDF to MERL Beige
::.\build\data2brdf.exe --input ../data/2d/matusik_merl/beige-fabric-double-mean-romeiro-80deg.dat --fitter ./build/rational_fitter_leastsquare.dll --output beige.rational --np 100 -nq 10
.\build\data2brdf.exe --input ../data/2d/matusik_merl/beige-fabric-double-mean-romeiro-80deg.dat --fitter ./build/rational_fitter_quadprog.dll --output beige.rational --np 10 -nq 10 --dt 0.1
:: Convert example 1 to gnuplot data
.\build\brdf2gnuplot.exe --input beige.rational --data ../data/2d/matusik_merl/beige-fabric-double-mean-romeiro-80deg.dat --output beige.gnuplot
\ No newline at end of file
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