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Adding a tutorial page to ALTA doxygen

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<doxygenlayout version="1.0">
<tab type="mainpage" visible="yes" title="Overview"/>
<tab type="user" url="@ref examples" title="Examples"/>
<tab type="user" url="@ref tutorials" title="Tutorials"/>
<tab type="user" url="@ref license" title="License"/>
<tab type="user" url="@ref contacts" title="Contacts"/>
......@@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ Matlab m file, C++ code, or BRDF Explorer shader. Note that this tool cannot
convert to another ALTA file (e.g. converting a Blinn lobe to a Beckmann
You can find more examples of how to use ALTA on the \ref tutorials page.
\page tutorials Tutorials
<h2>Fitting using the command line</h2>
The \a data2brdf allows to perform a fitting procedure by converting a \ref
data object into a brdf object (also named \ref function).
./build/data2brdf --input ../data/1d/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat --output Kirby.brdf --fitter ./build/
<h2>Moment analysis using the command line</h2>
The \a data2moment allows to perform a moment analysis on a \ref data object.
It can be useful to determine whether a given data correspond to a separable
function along its different axis.
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