Commit 45923e7a authored by Romain Pacanowski's avatar Romain Pacanowski Committed by Ludovic Courtès

update the doxygen comments regarding the parameters that can be passed to the plugin

parent 3e710e7b
......@@ -43,9 +43,11 @@
* optimizer][optimizers]. By default it selects the Local Sequential
* Quadratic Programming algorithm (NLOPT_LD_SLSQP).
* + `nlop-max-num-iterations [int]` permits to change the number of iterations
* + `--nlop-max-num-iterations [int]` permits to change the number of iterations
* of NlOpt before stopping and returning a result. By default, the value is
* `10`.
* + '--nlop-relative-function-tolerance [float]'. Default value is 1e-4.
* + '--nlop-abs-function-tolerance [float]'. Default valie is 1e-6.
* [nlopt]:
* [optimizers]:
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