Commit 3d2306a7 authored by Laurent Belcour's avatar Laurent Belcour

Adding the choice of the clustrerization.

parent c0709c9e
......@@ -59,13 +59,35 @@ Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE(data, "Fitter.Data")
class data_params : public data
public: // structures
//! \brief when changing from a parametrization to another, you might
//! lose some dimensions. This list enumerate the different operators
//! that can be applied on the raw data to be clusterized.
//! \note by default we use <em>none</em>, but if the input space
//! dimension is reduced, the program will halt.
enum clustrering
public: // methods
//! \brief contructor requires the definition of a base class that
//! has a parametrization, and a new parametrization.
data_params(const data* d, params::type param) : _d(d), _param(param)
data_params(const data* d, params::type param,
data_params::clustrering method = data_params::none) :
_d(d), _param(param), _clustering_method(method)
_nX = params::dimension(param);
_nY = d->dimY();
if(_nX < _d->dimX() && method == data_params::none)
throw("No cluster method provided");
// Load data from a file
......@@ -117,4 +139,5 @@ protected:
// data object to interface
const data* _d;
params::type _param;
data_params::clustrering _clustering_method;
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