Commit 184ca3da authored by Laurent Belcour's avatar Laurent Belcour

Correction of a bug in the Eigen NL fitter.

parent 2afe9316
......@@ -51,12 +51,15 @@ struct EigenFunctor: Eigen::DenseFunctor<double>
for(int i=0; i<inputs(); ++i) { _p[i] = x(i); }
const int nx = _f->dimX();
const int ny = _f->dimY();
for(int s=0; s<_d->size(); ++s)
vec _x = _d->get(s);
// Convert the sample point into the function space
vec x(_f->dimX());
vec x(nx);
params::convert(&_x[0], _d->input_parametrization(), _f->input_parametrization(), &x[0]);
// Compute the cosine factor. Only update the constant if the flag
......@@ -68,13 +71,13 @@ struct EigenFunctor: Eigen::DenseFunctor<double>
cos = cart[5];
vec _di = vec(_f->dimY());
for(int i=0; i<_f->dimY(); ++i)
_di[i] = _x[_f->dimX() + i];
vec _di = vec(ny);
for(int i=0; i<ny; ++i)
_di[i] = _x[_d->dimX() + i];
// Should add the resulting vector completely
vec _y = _di - cos*_f->value(x);
for(int i=0; i<_f->dimY(); ++i)
for(int i=0; i<ny; ++i)
y(i*_d->size() + s) = _y[i];
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