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initial import. fit using the densified data

parent ffd68c71
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- This script file compute the fitting of the retro-reflecting materials
present in the ALTA library. This script file should be executed in
the sources directory of repository as all directories are relative.
It is also necessary to create a results/3d/retro directory to store
the resulting fits and exports to BRDF-explorer and matlab.
<parameter name="lib-dir" value="./build" />
<action name="data2brdf">
<!-- Input and output arguments of the action -->
<input name="../papers/retro/mesures/original/3M_jaune/3d/633nm/Fichiers\ definitifs/3M_jaune_iso_tvproj_brdfcc_rescaled-densified.alta" />
<output name="./results/3d/retro/half/3M_jaune_rat.brdf" />
<!-- Define the function to use -->
<function name="rational_function_cosine" />
<!-- Define the ftting procedure to use -->
<!--<plugin type="fitter" name="rational_fitter_quadprog" />-->
<plugin type="fitter" name="rational_fitter_parallel" />
<!--<plugin type="fitter" name="rational_fitter_matlab" />-->
<parameter name="ymin" value="[0.05]" />
<parameter name="min-np" value="30" />
<!--<parameter name="min-np" value="53" />-->
<parameter name="min-nq" value="30" />
<parameter name="np" value="1000" />
<parameter name="nq" value="1000" />
<parameter name='np-step' value='5' />
<parameter name="dt" value="0.5" />
<!--<parameter name="dt-max" value="" /> -->
<parameter name="dt-positive" value="" />
<parameter name="nb-starting-points" value="1000" />
<!-- Export the fit -->
<action name="brdf2gnuplot">
<!-- Input and output arguments of the action -->
<input name="./results/3d/retro/half/3M_jaune_rat.brdf" />
<output name="./results/3d/retro/half/3M_jaune_rat.dat" />
<parameter name="data" value="../papers/retro/mesures/original/3M_jaune/3d/633nm/Fichiers\ definitifs/3M_jaune_iso_tvproj_brdfcc_rescaled-densified.alta" />
<!--<parameter name="data" value="/tmp/yellow_slice_inc30.dat" />-->
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