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Updating the documentation to handle software in the ALTA library

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......@@ -51,12 +51,15 @@ dependencies, please refer to \ref install.
After compiling the different command line tools and associated plugins,
go to the sources directory and launch this command line (for Linux users only):
./build/data2brdf --input ../data/1d/Kirby.dat --output Kirby.brdf --fitter ./build/
./build/data2brdf --input ../data/1d/Kirby2/Kirby2.dat --output Kirby.brdf --fitter ./build/
Tada ! You have produced your first BRDF fit.
Tada ! You have produced your first fit. The produced output is a 1D rational
function, using a monomial basis, interpolating the
<a href="">Kirby 2</a>
The <i>data2brdf</i> is one of many \a commands available in ALTA. It
The \a data2brdf is one of many \ref commands available in ALTA. It
allows to perform a fitting procedure by converting a \ref data object into a
brdf object (also named \ref function).
......@@ -79,6 +82,7 @@ There are many ways in which you can extend ALTA. Please refer to
\defgroup core
\defgroup commands
\defgroup plugins
\defgroup softs
/*! \package brdf2brdf
* \ingroup commands
* \brief
* This command exports a \ref function object to software specific file.
* \details
* <h3>Parameters</h3>
* <ul>
* <li><b>\-\-input <i>filename</i></b> ALTA function file to be loaded.
* </li>
* </ul>
#include <core/args.h>
#include <core/function.h>
#include <core/plugins_manager.h>
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
std::cout << "<<INFO>> Using data file \"" << args["data"] << "\"" << std::endl ;
d = plugins_manager::get_data() ;
d->load(args["data"]) ;
d->load(args["data"], args) ;
// Print the distance to the data to check if it correspond to the value
// computed prior.
/*! \package data2brdf
* \ingroup commands
* \brief
* This command allows to convert a \ref data object to a \ref function object.
* \details
* <h3>Parameters</h3>
* <ul>
* <li><b>\-\-input <i>filename</i></b> data file to be loaded uwing the data
* plugin specified by the <b>\-\-data <i>filename</i></b> option. If no
* plugin is specified, the data file will be loaded using a \ref
* vertical_segment data object.</li>
* </ul>
#include <core/args.h>
#include <core/data.h>
#include <core/function.h>
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
data* d = plugins_manager::get_data(args["data"]) ;
d->load(args["input"], args);
// Create output file
std::ofstream file(args["output"].c_str(), std::ios_base::trunc);
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