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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ and models</b>, or just perform <b>statistical analysis</b> on your data.
<h3>Sample results</h3>
\image html sample_result_01.png
<h2>Download and install</h2>
/*! \package data2data
* \ingroup commands
* \brief
* This command transform a \ref data object into another data object.
* \details
* This command is useful to change the parametrization of a data file,
* or to perform interpolation of sample values (i.e. to fill gaps).
* <h3>Usage</h3>
* \verbatim
data2data --input data.file --output data.file --out-data --in-data
* <h3>Parameters</h3>
* <ul>
* <li><b>\-\-input <i>filename</i></b> data file to be loaded. The
* loading plugin is defined using the option <b>\-\-in-data <i>
* filename</i></b>.
* </li>
* <li><b>\-\-in-data <i>filename</i></b></li> specify the data plugin
* used to load the input file. If this option is not specified, the
* loading plugin will be a \ref vertical_segment plugin. \note If
* the input plugin is not interpolating, like \ref vertical_segment,
* you can only use the reparametrization tool.
* <li><b>\-\-input <i>filename</i></b> the resulting data file.
* </li>
* </ul>
#include <core/args.h>
#include <core/data.h>
#include <core/params.h>
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