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\mainpage A BRDF analysis library
<center style="color:red">
ALTA is currently in an alpha stage but the current master branch
can be freely cloned with:
<!-- We provide an archive that is not feature complete (see below). You can <a href="contacts.html">contact us</a> to get more information about its features, roadmap, and missing documentation. -->
<center >
git clone
ALTA is currently in an alpha stage.
### Description
......@@ -44,12 +36,18 @@ The full list of features is available in the \ref features "features" page.
### Download
ALTA is free software available under the [Mozilla Public License,
version 2.0](, from our Git repository:
version 2.0]( The latest release, version
0.2, can be obtained from the Git repository:
$ git clone
$ git checkout v0.2
See \ref install "the installation instruction" for more information.
The master branch is where new developments take place. We highly
recommend using the above release instead of master.
### Getting Started
Examples of use can be found in the \ref tutorials "tutorials" section. Also, for a more advance usage of ALTA, please refer to the \ref documentation "APIs and references" page.
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