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Updating the documentation of the isotropic lafortune lobe

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......@@ -18,7 +18,14 @@
* \details
* A isotropic_lafortune lobe is defined as \f$k_d + (L^T M V)^n\f$. We fit the restricted
* version where the M matrix is diagonal of coefficients \f$(Cx, Cy, Cz)\f$
* \todo Fitting the diffuse part is not stable
* Options: the <em>bootstrap</em> function will read the arguments to set the first value
* of the function. By default, each lobe is defined as a forward lobe [-1,-1,1] using the
* number of the lobe as the exponent.
* Another initialization method <em>--booststrap</em> will put either a forward lobe,
* a retro-reflective lobe [1,1,1] or the dot product [0,0,1]. The exponent will also
* be the number of the lobe.
class isotropic_lafortune_function : public nonlinear_function
......@@ -36,6 +43,8 @@ class isotropic_lafortune_function : public nonlinear_function
virtual void load(const std::string& filename) ;
//! \brief Boostrap the function by defining the diffuse term
//! \details
virtual void bootstrap(const data* d, const arguments& args);
//! \brief Number of parameters to this non-linear function
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