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You can contribute and expand ALTA by providing new plugins. The three kind
of plugins (\ref function, \ref data and \ref fitter) can be provided.
Examples of such plugins can be found in the $ALTA/sources/plugins
Examples of such plugins can be found in the `$ALTA/sources/plugins`
......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ ALTA provides two programming APIs. At the lowest level, it is possible to autho
ALTA permits to manipulate various type of files. Here, we detail: our internal data file format which can be either ASCII or binary; our function file format to store function parameters; and our XML file format to store high-level scripts.
\todo Separate the different file format
+ \ref format "Data file format"
+ \ref format "Function file format"
+ \ref format "XML scripting format"
......@@ -26,10 +24,12 @@ ALTA permits to manipulate various type of files. Here, we detail: our internal
#### BRDF Related Documents
+ <a href="classparams.html" >Parametrisations </a> supported in ALTA
ALTA can manipulate BRDF data in different parametrization of the input space of those functions. A BRDF is defined as \f$y = \rho(\omega_i, \omega_o)\f$, where \f$\omega_i, \omega_o \in \Omega\f$ the hemisphere of directions. Multiple way to parametrize this space exist, and we implement most of them. See <a href="classparams.html" >Parametrisations supported in ALTA</a> for more details.
#### References
#### Reference
Below are referenced all the different plugins and softwares provided with ALTA. Documentation on how to use them is provided on the different pages.
+ List of plugin to convert data (cf. \ref datas)
+ List of plugins to fit data (cf. \ref fitters)
......@@ -111,6 +111,19 @@ Examples of configuration files are provided under
## Configuration of the environment
To have a direct access to ALTA's commands and plugins from the command line and from python, we recommend to use our environment setters scripts. On Linux/OSX, please source from the terminal:
$ source
On MS Windows, please excecute the script setpath.bat from the command line:
$ ./setpath.bat
Programs and plugins will be accessible from the command line without requiring to specify the absolute or relative path to your current position.
## Testing
ALTA comes with a test suite that can be run with:
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