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\page documentation Documentation

#### APIs

ALTA provides two programming APIs. At the lowest level, it is possible to author new \ref plugins "plugins" and \ref commands "commands" using the C++ API. At the highest level, it is possible to build Python scripts by directly manipulating plugins in this language.

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+ \ref cpp "C++  API"
+ \ref python "Python Bindings"
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#### File format specifications

ALTA permits to manipulate various type of files. Here, we detail: our internal data file format which can be either ASCII or binary; our function file format to store function parameters; and our XML file format to store high-level scripts.

+ \ref format "Data file format"
+ \ref format "Function file format"
+ \ref format "XML scripting format"
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#### BRDF Related Documents

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ALTA can manipulate BRDF data in different parametrization of the input space of those functions. A BRDF is defined as \f$y = \rho(\omega_i, \omega_o)\f$, where \f$\omega_i, \omega_o \in \Omega\f$ the hemisphere of directions. Multiple way to parametrize this space exist, and we implement most of them. See <a href="classparams.html" >Parametrisations supported in ALTA</a> for more details.


#### References

Below are referenced all the different plugins and softwares provided with ALTA. Documentation on how to use them is provided on the different pages.
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+ List of plugin to convert data (cf. \ref datas)
+ List of plugins to fit data (cf. \ref fitters)
+ List of BRDF Models (cf. \ref functions)
+ List of provided ALTA sofwares (cf. \ref commands)