1. 06 Dec, 2018 2 commits
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      do not allow updating User.email directly · 3bedb86d
      BAIRE Anthony authored
      (and use the /accounts/email/ page (provided by allauth) instead)
      'User.email' should never be updated directly
      The rationale is that we rely on allauth for verifying e-mail addresses.
      Allauth manages user's email addresses independently (one to many), and
      updates User.email when one of these addresses is promoted to the
      'primary' status. We will have less friction if we embrace the allauth
      way of managing e-mails.
      The good point is that allauth will never mark as primary an email
      addresse that has not been verified.
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      Bug fix: OAuth2 registration · 3b75ebbb
      BERJON Matthieu authored
      The Oauth registration was buggy for several reasons. The links used in the templates were the wrong one inhibiting the correct behaviour.
      The site ID configuration was wrong. This part is fixed by updating the migration script. The current system needs at least to have the `ALLGO_SITE_ID`
      set up corresponding to the actual URL of the website (http://localhost:<PORT> in development https://allgo.inria.fr in production.
      The `ACCOUNT_USERNAME_VALIDATORS` was raising an error on the Oauth registration and has been removed. No known bug were introduced by doing that.
      The login and signup templates have been rewritten in order to have a smoother and nicer integration in the current website. Moreover, the
      focus has been made on the OAuth registration (that's what users see first).
      The user admin part has been modified in order to display the possibility to change the password in case the user has set up a local account on the service
      or the management of its Oauth connections (redirecting to the `connextions.html` template provided by the django Oauth plugin and integrated in the website.
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