1. 19 Apr, 2018 3 commits
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      disable the mathjax extension · c2ee1851
      BAIRE Anthony authored
      it is unused and cause extra delayed when loading the page
      (because they load some files from the cloud, which does not
       respond very well)
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      add the ALLGO_CONTROLLER_ADDR setting · 3780b59b
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      formalise the definition, documentation and loading of env variables · 9708c4fb
      BAIRE Anthony authored
      - env variables are defined in 'config/env.py', this includes:
        - their default value
        - their documentation
      - the loaded variables are stored as attributes of this module
        (eg: config.env.ALLGO_DEBUG)
      - all variables are guaranteed to be set once the module is loaded
        thus, the config.settings just has to use env.ALLGO_XXXXX
      - the sphinx documentation of the variables is generated directly
        from the source code
      - the plumbing is done by the config.env_loader module (while loads
        the variables, and patches the docstring of the config.env module)
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