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      Fusion of token and ssh user security settings · d3f52f65
      BERJON Matthieu authored
      I incorporated both token and ssh key management into one template. In
      order to perform this operation I had to create several new routes with
      main one using `settings/security/`. The other ones are just commands to
      delete or update both the SSH key and the token.
      The token uses a `RedirectView` to generate a new token as no
      inputs have to be given by the user.
      The SSH key if doesn't exist can be created. Good practices for a key
      management is to revoke (delete) an existing key rather than updating
      it. I added a delete button using a `RedirectView` to update the
      database and the user can recreate a new key if he wants. The management
      of several SSH keys if needed will require few updates on that part
      (will be a bit more complex on the model side).
      I updated the user settings menu accordingly, deleted the unused
      templates, created a new main template for the security settings. I
      updated the CSS stylesheet to have something a bit more coherent. I
      removed the old views.
      Signed-off-by: BERJON Matthieu's avatarMatthieu Berjon <matthieu.berjon@inria.fr>
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