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  6. 01 Aug, 2018 4 commits
    • BAIRE Anthony's avatar
      ask for confirmation before rolling back · ddc9dbd5
      BAIRE Anthony authored
    • BAIRE Anthony's avatar
      implement version selection & validation in the sandbox panel · b5bad170
      BAIRE Anthony authored
      - form reformatted as a grid (using class form-row)
      - when replacing a version
        - select the version used for starting the current sandbox
        - initialise the "changelog" field with the previous changelog
          of the version being replaced
      - when creating a new version
        - initialise the "changelog" field with an empty value
        - raise an error if the entered version already exists
          (prevents accidental overwriting by the user)
      - report commit result in a flash message
    • BERJON Matthieu's avatar
      Adding of version fields · d40b1333
      BERJON Matthieu authored and BAIRE Anthony's avatar BAIRE Anthony committed
      I added the version fields depending of the type of commit you want to
      make. A small script will display one field or the other.
      There is still a bug at the page loading. Both field are displayed and
      an initialisation is missing.
      Signed-off-by: BERJON Matthieu's avatarMatthieu Berjon <matthieu.berjon@inria.fr>
    • BAIRE Anthony's avatar
      refactor the sandbox management panel · 9bf09947
      BAIRE Anthony authored
      - all sandbox actions a made from the same endpoint, so i renamed it as
        WebappSandboxPanel. It is an endpoint that accept GET and POST methods
      - GET is rendered using TemplateView (nothing magic)
      - POST is has an ad-hoc implementation that handles sandbox
        actions (start, commit, rollback, retry, abort)
      - all POST actions are followed with an HTTP redirect (to make a GET)
        so that actions are repeated if the user refresh his browser window
      - I changed the initial status of newly created webapps to IDLE because
        power users who upload their docker image do not need to start a
      It is not finished, there are many FIXMEs/TODOs but it is working.