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render job 'running' status icon with a spinner

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......@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ def fancy_job_queue(queue):
"NEW": ("New job", "fas fa-plus picto-green"),
"WAITING": ("Waiting job", "fas fa-clock picto-yellow"),
"RUNNING": ("Job running", "fas fa-play picto-blue"),
"ABORTING": ("Job aborting", "fas fa-play picto-yellow"),
"RUNNING": ("Job running", "fas fa-spinner fa-pulse picto-blue"),
"ABORTING": ("Job aborting", "fas fa-spinner fa-pulse picto-yellow"),
"SUCCESS": ("Job success", "fas fa-check picto-green"),
"ERROR": ("Job error", "fas fa-times picto-red"),
"ABORTED": ("Job aborted", "fas fa-hand-paper picto-orange"),
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