Commit 2591cfb2 authored by BERJON Matthieu's avatar BERJON Matthieu
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Update of the SQL model

I deleted a unused field in the Webapp class that I forgot last time and
was creating an error.

Signed-off-by: BERJON Matthieu's avatarMatthieu Berjon <>
parent 9ee4cd8d
......@@ -83,9 +83,6 @@ class Webapp(TimeStampModel):
logo_file_size = models.IntegerField(blank=True, null=True)
logo_updated_at = models.DateTimeField(blank=True, null=True)
# Not used yet
user_other = models.IntegerField(blank=True, null=True)
# Default quota
default_quota = models.IntegerField(blank=True, null=True)
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